ICAST 2023 × HANDING Fishing

ICAST 2023 × HANDING Fishing

Following the EFTTEX Fishing Tackle Exhibition in Europe in June, HANDING participated in ICAST, the world's largest fishing tackle exhibition held in Orlando, USA in July, writing a new chapter for the HANDING brand to go oversea.

As the world's largest fishing gear exhibition, ICAST has attracted more than 700 exhibitors, and all the world's most famous brands gather here. Representative of Overseas Business Department, HANDING showed our products with fine workmanship, high performance and excellent price to more than 60 brands and distributors from the United States, Finland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc. And export HANDING's corporate culture to them, so that they understand the strength and scale of HANDING brand and HANDING manufacturing.

At this ICAST exhibition, we also attracted the attention of world-class fishing gear brands. They learned about Handing Manufacturing from multiple dimensions such as corporate vision and philosophy, product design, quality and price, and expressed their willingness to seek further cooperation. The recognition of international brands on Handing makes us more confident that Handing Manufacturing will enter the overseas market.

Although HANDING is new to the world and needs to grow, and the world is unknown to Handing and needs to be explored, but we believe that as long as we uphold the values ​​of customer first, innovation, and honesty, we will one day go to the world and carry forward the brand.

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