What is HANDING Magic Series? HANDING Most Popular Fishing Series!

HANDING Fishing Rod Magic Series Fishing Rod Best Fishing Rod for Beginner

HANDING Magic Series have Magic Beginner, Magic L, Magic Tour, Magic Shadow four products. We have designed several fishing rods with different functional properties according to the different needs of different customers, but the original intention of all designs is to let everyone enjoy the fun of fishing. If you have suggestions or better ideas during use, please contact our R&D department, once the design is adopted, you can use the new product for free.

Magic Beginner Combo:

HANDING Magic Beginner Combo includes Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel and pre-spooled with 20-Pound HANDING PE Line, Fishing Lure Set, Fish Gripper, Fishing Pliers and Carrier Bag. Spinning Fishing Rod

  • 24T Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod: The fishing rod made with 24T carbon fiber reduces by 20% physical weight to others made from a mix of carbon and fiberglass.
  • Ceramic Guide: The ceramic guide ring adopts weaving + resin technology, which can prevent the guide ring from falling off and prolong the service life.
  • Smooth Performance Fishing Reel: The 2000 series HANDING fishing reel gear ratio is 5.2:1 provide 18LB max drag power.

HANDING Fishing Rod Magic Beginner Combo Best Fishing Rod

This is a fishing rod that is suitable for beginners to try Lure. It is so simple that you only need to take it to the river, open the package, then you can try fishing.

    Magic L:

    HANDING Magic L is the best-selling product in our store. Different lengths, hardness and action allow customers to choose the right rod according to their needs. It is the best bass rod suitable for fishing friends. The setting of the cork handle and the Fuji guide ring can minimize friction and increase the accuracy and comfort of casting.

    HANDING Fishing Rod Bass Fishing Rod Best Fishing Rod

    Magic Tour:

    Magic Tour Travel Rod is designed for convenience and ease-of-use. Simply extend the telescopic rod to its working length, open the bail with your line and hook attached, and you'll be fishing again in seconds, without the need to re-rig. The folded length is only 52cm, you can easily put it in your backpack.

    Magic Tour Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

    Magic Shadow:

    • 30T carbon fiber: HANDING rod twist-resistant and durable. It has high strength and fast response.
    • Carbon fiber handle: Carbon fiber light weight, strong mobility, strong sensitivity, large amplitude, fast conduction.
    • LS Guide Ring: Magic Shadow has high quality LS guide rings, which is the same level with Fuji, Light, high strength and smooth.

    Magic Shadow HANDING Fishing Rod Best Fishing Rod

    We are proud to present you the worry-free 1-year service! No matter what causes the rod to break, whether it is a Magic series or not, we will send you a new rod free of charge. If any problem, please contact us firstly and our customer service will solve it for you soon.

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