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Fantastic value rod

Just what I'm looking for in a spinning rod, low priced and durable. I tend to really abuse spinning rods due to the fact that I fish the nastiest and brushiest shorelines. I put this rod to the test and it held up great. Ripped out some snags and hoisted some heavy fish and it stayed intact. Tough to find 7 ft two-piece medium heavy spinning rods these days. Fantastic deal, may consider picking up the casting version.

Mary U.

Impressive spinning reel for a great low price.

I really like the quality, price, performance and looks of this Handling 300 series spinning reel. I would just offer one suggestion. Increase the gear ratio to 6:2-1 for using faster moving lures while fishing in fast moving waters. Other than that I’M Impressed and highly recommend it.

Jodi Jill

Great for Rod; Durable with Solid Motions

Looking for a new reel for my fishing rod as my last fishing trip gave my gear a beating. This spinning reel was great to use and was threaded with a line in a short amount of time. The spinning gears are strong and easy to move. I felt the tension of the line while still able to reel in the hook and bait. The casting for the reel also allowed the line to move quickly and straight as I worked the swing of the rod.

Amazon Customer

Great rod and reel combo!

At first glance this combo looks great and I’m extremely happy I bought it. Been using it now for a week and I absolutely love it! I know for sure you would also after purchasing it.

Wendell K.

Nice rod and components for a great price!

Purchased 2 of the 7' ML rods, they are nice! One of them for whatever random reason had a bad tip and the last 3 eyelets of the rod popped off, rod was replaced within days. Haven't caught on it yet but I did do a bit of casting with a 1/4oz blade bait and it is niiicceee. Feels great, balances well with a 2k size reel, will update once I've caught some fish with it.

Juan Sosa

Good rod at a fair price

I brought this rod to target blue gill and crappie. It combine it with a shimano catana 1000 reel and 4lb mono line. So far I caught some bass with a 1/32’s jig head and a paddle tail. If you set the drag just right the rod performs just great, puts up a great fight with big fishes. Over all I’m satisfied with the quality of the rod.

K Cerney

Walmart price but much higher quality than those reels

I have to admit I buy my gear from Walmart a lot. I have found the higher end gear there is pretty nice without breaking the bank. The price of this reel is actually on the lower end of that price range so I almost let this one pass me by. But am I glad I did not.



first off, let’s talk about quality... as an owner of multiple major craft rods, I can say this rod is as good OR BETTER at a fraction of the cost. looks on this rod are amazing has a splash of purple and green on the reel seat including a unique ratchet type of securing the reel down to the pole. the action is super fast and extremely sensitive i was able to feel the slightest of bites. Landed my personal best rainbow trout on this rod. No complaints


Fantastic little rod!

I purchased the 4’6” ultralight casting rod for some BFS action in my neighborhood lakes. The quality of the rod is unbelievably good given the price. The rod action is extra fast, so the tip is a bit stiff, but it makes this little lightweight rod super sensitive and capable of handling large fish. I took it out fishing for small bass and crappie and ended up catching a 1.5 lb bass, a 4 lb catfish and monster 15 lb blue catfish. The big catfish took me 15 minutes to pull in using 6 lb mono. I highly recommend this rod!!!!


Smooth bearings

These is a great fishing reel. The bearings are super smooth and quite. The mechanism of the line release and return are well designed and operate efficiently. The reel is well constructed and heavy duty. The handle feel and comfort are perfect. I would definitely recommend.